We’ve been eaten by the POTATO! Have you?

If you like the same music we do and are a *moderate* user of social media, you’ve most likely heard some noise about a POTATO that will EAT you.

But who is the potato? And why will it eat you?

Thanks so Diplo, Skrillex and A-Trak, we’ve realized that the Potato is a YouTube channel serving all of our behind-the-scenes music needs. So far, the Potato is 3 videos in, and it’s delicious!


The Potato channel is 3 videos in, and so far, we like it!


It all started with this photo of Diplo, Skrillex and “Trizzy Womack” on A-Trak‘s Instagram back in January, with the caption, #potatowilleatyou. It didn’t seem to mean anything until a few weeks later, when Diplo tweeted the link to the Potato’s Tumblr. Once the Potato started beat-boxing dubstep music and “Barbara Streisand” (Duck Sauce) on YouTube, we were highly intrigued.

Fortunately, the twittersphere was provided with some clarity, and we could all mark our calendars with February 18th being the debut of the Potato.

But what is the Potato about, really? We got our first taste on the 15th, with a video that revealed that the Potato was, in fact, a YouTube channel that would feature a bunch of different video series! We could expect audio and video premieres, Cosmo’s Crates, Shortcuts from A-Trak, Video Killed the Radio, Listen Up! with Ralph Moore, Big Time #1 Super Adventures with the Fat Jew. DJ mixes, and Diplo’s Blow Your Head series to be posted on the channel. If you’re anything like us or like a normal person in general, you’re probably asking, what is going on right now?! 

Finally, the first official Potato video went live on 2/18, with a mini documentary called BANG!. It opened up with Skrillex and Boys Noize revealing some info about the scene we now like to call “EDM.”

“Detroit is the birthplace of electronic music…electronic dance music, whatever you wanna call it…techno, whatever, in America.” – Sonny Moore (Skrillex)

“Techno is way more than just a music style. Techno for me is a way of living…and it’s an attitude, you know?” – Alex Ridha (Boys Noize)

We got to hear from Kevin Saunderson and Sam Fotias, godfathers of the techno movement in Detroit in the 90’s. We even got to see a bit of Dog Blood’s set from a show in Detroit on New Year’s Eve 2013, and were lucky enough to be let in on how Dog Blood came to be.

The final moments of BANG! ended with a new tune, that we can only hope is a new Dog Blood track.
Watch the whole video yourself below:

We knew we had fallen in love with the Potato by it’s 2nd release, the official music video for “Butters Theme” by Diplo ft. Gents & Jawns (plus an Ellie Goulding cameo that was hard to miss). We give it an A+ for the flawless booty-dropping and exotic belly dancing.

And finally, the first episode of Diplo’s Blow Your Head” was set off yesterday afternoon. We got to meet the 3 members of 3BALLMTY, the trio that opened for Justin Bieber in Mexico City for a crowd of over 200k fans. Those lucky teenagers!
We’re looking forward to more BYH episodes.

“This is our stories from the roads, the streets, the sidelines and the backstages. This is Blow Your Head.” – Diplo

Now, the Potato has over 4,000 Twitter followers, and *gasp* over 20,000 YouTube subscribers! This Potato is certainly getting around.

According to potato.tv, we should be expecting a Moby DJ mix soon. So far, we’re pretty impressed by a simple crowned potato, and plan on keeping up with it. Hopefully we will be bff soon.
Just stay calm and subscribe to/follow/see pictures of/eat the Potato!

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