IN FOCUS: Revolvr

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revolvrIN FOCUS: Revolvr

WHO IS REVOLVR?: Touvan Sughiarto


DIG IT IF YOU LIKE?: Lucky Date, Clockwork

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?: If there’s a right way for a producer to start his/her music career, Revolvr definitely found it.

A sophomore in the world of electronic dance music, Touvan Sughiarto literally saw the light during his experience at Burning Man, inspiring him to quit his regular job and begin his eclectic musical journey, melding sounds and revolving around different genres of dance music. He has since produced a bunch of original tracks, bootlegs, remixes, his own Chamber Podcast and 2 EP’s.

Currently managed by Bond Music Group, Revolvr just released his brand new EP “Clockwork” as (SCORE!) a free download, and it’s nothing short of red hot fire.

UPCOMING: Currently he only scheduled for 2 gigs in Colorado and Arizona this spring…although it appears Revolvr is taking bids from other US cities…so show him some love from your hood!



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