FREE MIX TAPE: Alex Zelenka’s Pre Party Jamz Volume 144

This week we’re excited to feature a mix by resent NYC transplant Alex Zelenka, best known for his work engineering and remixing for Crystal Castles!

With 80+ releases under his belt AND his own label, Invisibles (which is not quite so invisible with 20+ artists signed to date), we’re sure Zelenka is on the rise!

Listen and/or download below:

Track List:
White Label
Bloody Beetroots — “Verra la Morte”
Boyz Noise — “Waves”
Deadmau5 — “Complications” (special edit)
D.I.M. — “Heartcore”
DJ Kue — “Don’t Get High on Your Own Supply”
Benni Benassi — “I Am Not Drunk”
White Label
Mr Vega — “It’s Coming”
Crookers — “The Cat”
White Label
Ragdoll — “Soundwaves”
Steed Lords — “Dirty Mutha”
John Dahlback — “Blink” (Alex Zelenka remix)
Diplo — “Pon de Flor” remix
La Roux — “Quicksand” (Boy 8 Bit mix)
Bassment Jaxx — “Rendez”
La Roux — “In for the Kill” (Sexinvaders mix)

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