WATCH: Porter Robinson – “Language” Music Video!

Since its release in April, Porter Robinson‘s single “Language” has seen a lot of action in clubland.  Dropped yesterday, the official video doesn’t disappoint and gives us a brand new way to enjoy this hot house anthem.

Porter Robinson takes us on an whimsical journey as we follow an unnamed heroine and a gentle giant as they are bullied by some really mean wolves.  Although the story is a little unconventional, the video is nonetheless an impressive visual companion to the already hit single and compliments the emotional quality of this song itself.  Featuring an unusual combination of stunning landscapes, a sexy lead female, her blobby friend, plus a pack of wolves, what more could you ask for?  What we really want to know is what they did to upset those wolves so much!

See the whole shabang for yourselves and, if you are so inclined, get your paws on “Language” via Language - Single - Porter Robinson!

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