LISTEN: HARD’s Day Of The Dead Mixtape #1: Crookers

Halloween is still a few months away, but that isn’t stopping Crookers!

Crookers, the brainchild of DJs/producers Bot and Phra, is back supplying you with all the funky beats you need to get up and shake it.  Released to promote this year’s Day of the Dead festival in LA, this new mix tape is chock full of jams that will get you into the spirit of the occasion and have you marking the days off your calendar.  

Thankfully, this duo will be dropping their electro bombs at Webster Hall here in NYC on October 26 before heading over to the festival in California.

Check out the Day of the Dead Mixtape #1 above and stay tuned for the Crookers Bowser EP dropping on Fools Gold Records on September 4th!

EXTRA CREDIT: Download the Crookers FREE Pre Party Jamz Mix Tape!

Track List:
Crookers – Intro Crookers – Trillex (Fools Gold)
Crookers – Vamos! (Ciao Recs)
Crookers – Big booty Bootleg (Ciao Recs)
Crookers – Turn the lights On (featuring STS) (Fools Gold)
Crookers – Untitled1 (Ciao Recs)
Crookers – Bowser (Fools Gold)
Crookers – Untitled2 (Ciao Recs)
Astronomar – H3Y I C U PERCUL8-10 (Ciao Mania Bootlegs)
Wafa – Abandon Me (Crookers Remix) (Atlantic Jaxx)
Crookers – Hummus (Southern Fried/Mad Decent)
Crookers – Untitled3 (Ciao Recs)

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