Ze! in the music video for Joachim Garraud's "I'm Invaded" Music Video

WATCH: Joachim Garraud – “I’m Invaded” Featuring Ze! Music Video Premiere!

Ze! in the music video for Joachim Garraud's "I'm Invaded" Music VideoJoachim Garraud in "I'm Invaded" Music Video Joachim Garraud continues his impressively productive summer with a release out today on digital imprint, Zemixx, titled “I’m Invaded.”

The Electro Pop single features vocals from the vibrant and eclectic singer from Kuala Lumpur known as Ze!, who contributes catchy lyrics to perfectly accompany Garraud’s notorious Space Invader mascot.

The I’m Invaded EP consists of 6 tracks — including the original from Joachim and Ze! and a whopping 5 remixes from D.O.D, Groove Stage, Keviin Scanna, Keviin Scanna, and Arkangel.

In concomitance with the release, Joachim Garraud and Ze! also star in the music video for the single, which features the French producer and his collaborator clad in handfuls of comical costumes reporting on the worldwide Space Invasion across the globe! This production genuinely captures Joachim’s sense of humor and enduring relationship with Space Invaders around the world.

The EP is now available on <a href=”http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/stat?id=YBSlunNGAdg&offerid=146261&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826&RD_PARM1=http%253A%252F%252Fitunes.apple.com%252Fus%252Falbum%252Fim-invaded-feat.-ze!-remixes%252Fid553743844%253Fuo%253D4%2526partnerId%253D30″ target=”itunes_store”><img src=”http://r.mzstatic.com/images/web/linkmaker/badge_itunes-sm.gif” alt=”I’m Invaded (feat. Ze!) [Remixes] – Joachim Garraud” style=”border: 0;”/></a>!

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