FREE MIX TAPE: Spirit Animal Pre Party Jamz Volume 139

LCD Soundsystem split up, Vampire Weekend hasn’t put out anything new in a while, and early-1990’s Red Hot Chili Peppers became, well, 2012 Red Hot Chili Peppers. So what new tunes are you going to keep on loop from your morning commute through your summer backyard BBQs to your beer-and-heat-stroke-induced dance fury? The answer is simple: let your Spirit Animal be your guide.

Spirit Animal has thrown together a Pre Party Jamz mix for us, and it’s a glistening mix of electro pop, nĂ¼-disco, and indie rock remixes. Kick off the summer with a stream or free download of the mix tape below!

UPDATE: Catch Spirit Animal playing LIVE tonight, May 17, at Cameo Gallery and May 20 at Red Palace in Washington, DC!

Track List:
1. Wild Belle — “Keep You”
2. Aluna George — “You Know You Like It”
3. Santigold — “GO!”
4, Spirit Animal — “Crocodile Skins (Big Black Delta Remix)
5. SBTRKT — “Hold On (Sisi BakBak Remix)
6. WAZU — “Murder 1”
7. Zammuto — “F U C-3P0”
8. Future People — “Naturally”
9. Jesca Hoop — “Born To”

Free Download:

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