IN FOCUS: xxyyxx!

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IN FOCUS: xxyyxx

WHO IS XXYXX? Marcel Everett


DIG IT IF YOU LIKE? Clams Casino, James Blake, Burial

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? 16-year-old Marcel is definitely up to something when he locks himself in his bedroom with his computer, but it’s not what you’d expect from most kids his age. The prolific young producer churns out lush, downtempo post-dubstep slowburners that ebb and flow with the grace and maturity of a musician far more seasoned than himself. Chopping and screwing tracks by artists like James Blake, BeyoncĂ©, TLC, and Amy Winehouse, xxyyxx marries innovative song construction with technical production prowess. If this is where Everett’s talent is at just 16, the years to come are going to be deliciously mind-melting.

UPCOMING? xxyyxx’s self-titled sophomore album is out on Relief in Abstract Records today at “name your own price” download and there may or may not be a summer tour in the works.


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