FREE MIXTAPE: Walker & Royce Pre Party Jamz Volume 132!

Walker & Royce isn’t the name of some badass revolver from the Wild Wild West, nor is it a stiff scotch drink for a man’s man or the names of Chuck Norris’ fists. Don’t be mistaken, though–Sam Walker and Gavin Royce still pack a serious punch.

Like a scene snatched straight from Mad Men, Sam and Gavin realized their potential music chemistry while sipping brandy in the offices of Nervous Records. Next thing they knew, they were in the studio together banging out tracks that you can now hear thumping through speakers all over the world.

Walker & Royce spent 2011 pumping our scorching remixes for artists like 33hz, Publicist, Saarid, and SPF 5000, as well as a bevy of club-ready originals. 2012 is shaping up to be a massive year for Sam and Gavin, with tracks set to drop on labels like Crosstown Rebels, Pets Recordings, and Glasgow Underground, but before all of that kicks off, check out the mix they did for our Pre Party Jamz series!

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Track List:
1. Tornado Wallace – “Don’t Hold Back”
2. Mudd – “54B” 54B - This Is Rong Music II, Pt. 3
3. Mario Basanov – “Damn Girl”
4. Bad Rabbits – “She’s Bad” (Soul Clap and Ghad Mizrahi remix)She's Bad (Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap Remix) - Future Disco, Vol. 4 - Neon Nights
5. Juan Soto – “Dance and Claps” (Walker & Royce Remix) Dance & Claps - EP - Juan Soto
6. Sugardaddy – “Love Honey” (Greg Wilson Version) Love Honey - Sugardaddy
7. Damn Arms – “Destination” (Munk Remix) Destination Remixes - Damn Arms
8. Motor City Drum Ensemble – “Raw Cut #3” Raw Cuts #3&4 - Motor City Drum Ensemble
9. Walker & Royce – “I Surrender”
10. Lee Stevens & The Beautiful People – “Ridin’ High” Ridin' High - Luv001 - EP
11. Talbalk – “Controlled”
12. WooHoo – “Caterpillars” (Ter Khan Remix)

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