WATCH: Metronomy – “Everything Goes My Way” music video!

Metronomy Everything Goes My Way

You kids these days, with your iPads and your Twitterbooks and your Facespaces. Back in my day, if we needed a Blackberry, we would go out back to the garden and pick one! Har har har…
While you’re all complaining about how the new Facebook Timeline will bring about the fall of man, we’ll join Mercury Prize nominees Metronomy frolicking through lush meadows in their new video for Everything Goes My Way any day.

Okay, we’ll admit: maybe this isn’t a riveting, explosive, left-on-Michael-Bay’s-cutting-room-floor kind of clip, but if you want blockbuster CGI action, why don’t you just go see that new Hugh Jackman Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots movie?…Exactly.

See? Sometimes, it’s nice to just have a break from it all…

Peep the pastoral clip below!

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