MIX TAPE: Maluca – “China Food” Mixed by Paul Devro


Mad Decent vocalist Maluca has just released a new mix tape available free to download!

China Food is mixed by Mad Decent veteran Paul Devro and features new exclusive stuff from Maluca, as well as tracks from Proxy, Don Omar, Jay Karan, and more!

Stream or Download the mix below!

<a href="http://maddecent.bandcamp.com/album/china-food">Intro/Takin Ova by Mad Decent</a>

[Full track list after the jump!]

1. Intro/Takin Ova 01:36
2. Big Bad Bangs 01:58
3. Prince Zimboo – Hyena Segway 00:17
4. 2 Sweet – No Me Uses 01:58
5. Rub̬n Sam РGuiry Up 01:24
6. Proxy – 8000 (Diplo Remix ft. Maluca) 01:15
7. I Work For It 00:42
8. China Food 02:15
9. Jungle Violento 03:02
10. Don Omar – Yo Tengo Todo Papi (ft. Maluca) 01:42
11. Phanta Ft. Paporap – Tiradera (Remix) 01:48
12. Gaga Andre – Unknown 01:46
13. Flourecent Beige 03:53
14. Money Skit / Trinidad – Philly The Blunt (Cuera Smoked A Big Blunt) 01:48
15. DJ Chuckie ft. DJ Hardwell – Ha Ha Ha 01:13
16. DJ Mike Q – My Vogue Is The Shit 01:30
17. Jay Karan – Mutilate 01:36
18. Loca 01:55
19. Muñeca System – Fil Dem 02:16
20. Hector 03:43

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