MP3: Fulkultur – “Fuldans” mp3 and Interactive Ugly Dancer!


Every once in a while, we stumble across something so amazing, we feel it would be criminal not to share it with you fine people.

Today, that thing is Swedish pop band Fulkultur‘s interactive promo site for their way-too-fun-for-it-to-be-healthy song “Fuldans” (translation: “The Ugly Dance”).

Hop on over to to create your own ugly dancer (and don’t forget to post it in the comments)! Or, click here and control our Nicky Digital dancer (Hey! Our moves are better than that right? Right???).

And as an added little bonus, we’ve got two free downloads for ya!

Sure it’s silly, but what’s wrong with giggling like an idiot to yourself in front of your computer screen? Absolutely nothing …

Fulkultur | Fuldans [256 kpbs]
Fulkultur | Fuldans Svettmix [256 kpbs]
(click to preview or right click & save to download)

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