WATCH: Anoraak – “Above Your Head” Music Video and FREE mp3 download!

Anoraak - Frederic Riviere

Thin is in, right? Looks like Anoraak hit the nail on the head with their amazing new vid for “Above Your Head,” which may or may not be the skinniest music video EVER.

The video, created by visionary director/artist Milosh Luczynski, was shot in 360° using 8 different cameras. While the video is technically supposed to be viewed in 360°, the flattened-out version you’ll see on your screen is mesmerizing nonetheless.

This trippy video will make you motion sick–but in the best way possible. Check it out after the jump!

And be sure to watch out for Anoraak’s debut LP, Wherever the Sun Sets, available digitally on 9/12 and physically on 10/26 (via Naive Records). In the meantime, enjoy a free download of °Above Your Head° after the jump!

Anoraak | Above Your Head [320 kpbs]
(click to preview or right click & save to download)

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