INTRODUCING: ArpLine! PLUS “Fold Up Like A Piece Of Paper” mp3 Download!


Band Name: ArpLine Genre: Psychadelic Indie-Rock

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Band Members: Sam Tyndall, Oliver Edsforth, Nate Lithgow, Adam De Rosa, Michael Chap Resnick

Fun Fact: According to their Facebook page, ArpLine happen to enjoy the refreshing taste of Sparks malt beverages just like the rest of us did in 2007!

Extra Credit: Watch ArpLine’s video for “Fold Up Like A Piece Of Paper”!

Managing to be both mysterious and straight forward at the same time, ArpLine‘s tunes unfold into a sound that’s intriguing yet still familiar.

Their 10 track album, Travel Boook drops this fall, which is a shame because its piercing warmth should be part of your summer soundtrack!

ArpLine | Fold Up Like A Piece Of Paper [192 kpbs]
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