Jenny Wilson – “Like a Fading Rainbow” Remix Featuring Adam Tensta & John Hope! Free mp3 Download!

Jenny Wilson

Our boy Adam Tensta just finished collabing on a hot new track with Jenny Wilson and John Hope and it’s dope (notice our clever rhyme scheme?)!

Adam Tensta on the collaboration:

Being that I’m a solo artist, I’ve learned to write songs in a special way. All the elements that make a song, such as the verse, hook, chorus and bridge, are equally important for the overall impression. How I arrange my thoughts and feelings on a solo cut, is COMPLETELY different from doing a collaborative effort on a track. The following track is produced by OK Franklin and is a remix of Jenny Wilson’s “Like A Fading Rainbow.” In this case I put all of my thoughts and expressions into one verse, as apposed to what I do on two or three verses on a song that doesn’t have a feature.

To be honest I’m still not fully comfortable with doing collaborations, but at least, I’m getting more and more used to the thought of only writing one verse on a track.

Jenny Wilson | Like a Fading Rainbow Remix (Featuring Adam Tensta & John Hope) [128 kpbs]
Jenny Wilson | Like a Fading Rainbow [192 kpbs]
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