STYLE: Pendleton x Opening Ceremony Letterman Jacket

Remember those big, wool jackets the jocks wore in high school… the ones the cheerleaders proudly wore when they were “going steady” with the quarterback… okay maybe that wasn’t so much during our time.

If you didn’t have one, either because you wouldn’t be caught dead dating a quarterback, or never made it to Varsity, don’t you sort of wish you did?

More importantly, if you did own one, isn’t it about time for a breath of fresh air? Either way we’re pretty sure none of your high school varsity jackets looked anything like Pendleton and Opening Ceremony reinvented version… correct?

Complete with a vivid Incan-inspired woven pattern and brown leather sleeves (also available with black leather sleaves), this bomber has 2009 written all over it… as opposed to 1980-something!

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