MEET & GREET: Bad Brilliance (Pluse FREE mp3 download!)

Being an airhead isn’t an insult for Bad Brilliance. That is, if you’re talking about the guy in the red suit with a balloon head that says “BAD BRILLIANCE” in the form of a happy face. What’s that? That’s brilliant. As are the sparkling synthesizer hip hop tracks. Rap artist Bad Brilliance has worked with the likes of Andrew W.K. and Girl Talk. Awesome collaborations can only mean a fantastic starting off point. And now you can check him out at’s Official CMJ Showcase!

Get some bass, throw in a little sass and let the music guide you to your baddest, most brilliant dance moves. It can’t be bad if it feels so good, right?

Name: Bad Brilliance

Age: one hundred and ones

Favorite flavor ice cream: PEANUT BUTTER

I’m from: BRAZIL

But I live in: an airplane to and from New York

And work on: album covers, fashion photography and sitting around in my costume at night drinking free drinks

My first job was: i made iron on ringer t-shirts for all of the popular girls in my middle school and sold them for $20 a piece

My worst job was: working at the frito-lay re-distribution center in upstate new york. I got really strong there lifting boxes and also I would listen to NPR all day long on headphones. Sometimes i would lift a box and there would be a cracked jar of jalapeno dip filled with insects and mutations.


Bad Brilliance| Heavy Slow

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Bad Brilliance

Favorite gadget: my costume

The best gift I’ve ever received: buffets

The worst gift you’ve ever given: this little automated doll on rollerskates

This CMJ I’m playing shows at: I have rejected all shows except for the Nicky Digital showcase. I will however be doing stage visuals for Girl Talk with his show featuring OJ Da Juiceman

My five favorite people to follow on twitter are: @Pollo_Tropical

Right before we perform I: have Jed & Elias, the twins, unfold the red carpet

I know it’s going to be a good show when: there are alot of people who listen to Hot 97 in the crowd

While I perform I: run through a variety of voices, one of them was designed for stage microphones, it works well on the Shure SM58 because it can really shake the membrane. It is capable of cutting through all of the other sounds on a sound system in any club. I like to rap in that voice.

Right after I perform I: run backstage for groupies

My favorite shape is: the shape of a one hundred dollar bill

My least favorite color is: neon colors – yuck!

The weirdest thing that’s ever happened during a show: 2 years ago in Amstedam all of these people who were desperate for music from Ed Banger and Crookers threw bottles at me throughout the duration of my 15 minute set. 3000 people booing and throwing bottles. I was playing on a children sized grand piano.

Roses are red violets are blue: and the internet is addictive — IT’S AN ADDICTION PEOPLE! GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!

Shop at: home — ON THE ADDICTIVE INTERNET — also do other things on there


If you were to teach one subject on a college level it would be: INTERNET ADDICTION

If I’m at a super fun party I really hope I have: a wireless connection TO THE INTERNET

My favorite topic for small talk is: how many times I check the internet

If I had a million dollars I would: start a buffet restaurant on Bedford Avenue and one on Park Avenue — it would be high end

If I was to be stuck on an island indefinitely I would need: the internet… *burp*

If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be: Jaila, from P. Diddy’s "Making his Band"

I am influenced by: HOT 97

You should know that: you can hire Bad Brilliance to attend an event with you

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