NEWS: Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk DJs unmasked at Busy P’s birthday

Busy P (aka Pedro Winter) had himself a pretty epic birthday celebration last night at the Dim Mak arty at Cinespace.

From the looks of it the entire Ed Banger Records crew (Sebastian, Gaspard, Kavinsky, A-Trak, Mehdi, So Me, Sebastien Tellier to name a few) was partying behind the DJ booth.

The icing on the cake was when an unmasked (and very human after all) Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk hopped on the decks for a short but unexpected set!

Of course Glenjamn, our eyes and ears in Los Angeles and Daft Punk aficionado, was there to capture footage!

UPDATE: Apparently these videos had to be taken down after proof was found that Bangalter actually was a human robot. We’re crossing our fingers that they are going to go back online ASAP because they were epic! Stay tuned for details.

ANOTHER UPDATE: New video footage was unearthed on Vimeo!

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Glenjamn is able to share the “Daftness” again! His videos are alive as the person reading these words!

MORE UPDATE VIA HIPSTER RUNNOF: “Analysis: Some bro filmed a bunch of French ppl yelling at eachother at Cinespace. Not even sure what happened. Guess we’ll never know. Seems important, though. Wish I had something in my life ‘worth fighting 4′”

[More footage after the jump]

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