MIXTAPE: Mishka Keep Watch V.7 Featuring Trouble & Bass

Mishka is back with Keep Watch number 7!

This edition featurtes Brooklyn’s own Trouble & Bass who at this point need no introduction, quite simply they’re the masterminds behind some of the heaviest music production and the rawest parties New York has ever seen. The mix is full of tracks and remixes from virtually the whole T&B extended family.

Mishka on the mix:

Trouble & Bass is the sound of staying up all night and getting wild in the streets, sweat dripping off the walls and speakers pounding in your face. For the last four years, T&B has brought raw energy back to dancefloors worldwide by effortlessly flipping bass music in all its forms. The crew is full of surprises, taking influences from house, electro, dubstep, drum & bass, metal and hip-hop to form an entirely new genre simply known as “heavy bass.”

Download 35 min of Trouble & Bass HERE or stream it on the Mishka Doombox!

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