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Even though the summer’s over, one of the best songs to come out of it — Uffie‘s “Pop the Glock” — is still a hot track. The Paris-based ingenue recently embarked on a U.S. tour and made a stop in New York at the Ed Banger Showcase party at Element. After her show, she took the time to answer a few of NickyDigital’s questions:

NickyDigital: Was it exciting to play in New York? What’s the wildest time you’ve had in NYC?
Uffie: NYC was really fun and exciting. It, for starters, is one of my favorite cities in the world! Also, I was a bit tired from being on the road, but the whole label came out so playing together again gave us all a big boost of energy. Wildness wise, what goes on at the afterparties stay at the afterparties!

ND: What artists do you idenify with? Who is your biggest inspiration?
U: Ludacris, Missy Elliot, Lil’ Flip…I love all of their styles and flows. I also really love everything Cee Lo does, especially Gnarls Barkley. On my summer holiday in the country with my dad, we were blasting their album for a week straight! Also, things like Cody Chesnut…

ND: So, you’re a sneaker freak. What are your favorite shoes? If you could score any pair of shoes from the past,what would they be?
U: When I was 5 and 6, I went through a phase — I had a pair of green high tops that I always wore with lace dresses. I refused to give them up. I would love to find another pair! Right now I am really loving the shoes I did with Nike — a pair of Air Force Ones with great coloring.

ND: How did leaving Miami for Hong Kong as a child affect you?
U: Not so much. My parents didn’t really let me know. They just brought me a Chinese doll one day and said we were going to where my Dad was and where he got the doll. I was so young I didn’t fully comprehend it. Once they put me in Chinese schooling it started to click, but I think it was a really good experience to have that young.

ND: What made you decide to call Paris home? How long have you been there?
U: Coming up [on] four years. My whole life I have moved around so much that I never really thought of a place as home but Paris feels it a bit. Maybe because I live without family here now and am on my own two feet…

ND: How was it to return to Miami and play with 2 Live Crew?
U: Great and horrendous . To be in Miami performing with them when I was just a few months into music was incredible but I had to go on right after and the mic was fucked up for me. I had to keep going because there were no needles for the turntables yet, so [it was] really the worst show for me professionally, but a really cool thing to see 2 Live Crew.

ND: How do you feel US audiences react to you? Is it different than European audiences?
U: Clubbing in Europe is very different in general than in the U.S. so they were a pretty different audience but I am happy about the reactions. I have only released one single and it’s great to go over and show new material. I think we got a pretty good welcoming.

ND: What are your plans for the future?
U: Finising up with the album, always going to shows. I am doing a design project on the side at the moment.

ND: What’s your take on the nightlife photo phenomenon? Is it as popular in Europe as it is in the states?
U: No it’s not. It’s fun when I am over there to go look at the photos…but I am not so into it.

Download Uffie’s “Pop the Glock”(Curtis Vodka RMX) (MP3)

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