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Mondkopf – “Ave Maria” Music Video

Mondkopf Mondkopf's new video for his track, "Ave Maria" transitions from a dark Euro cult film, into Cloverfield, into some steamy lady-on-lady action. The tension that builds musically throughout the track somehow translates into the absurd video ... it's weird, but we dig it. [Watch the video after the jump!] Continue Reading ››

INTRODUCING: Judi Chicago! PLUS “Bad Spell” FREE mp3 download!

  Band Name: Judi Chicago

Genre: Psychadelic/Electro/Rock

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Hoodlums – “Forget A Friend” Music Video Premiere

Hoodlums We <3 this track! Hoodlums' "Forget a Friend" takes the dreaded slow jam, and flips it upside down into a pop track sure to stay stuck in your head for weeks. ... And look at that cello! [Watch the video after the jump!] Continue Reading ››

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