Casiokids – “Finn Bikkjen!” Music Video Premiere!

Casiokids We feel a bit weird writing about Casiokids' new video for "Finn Bikkjen!" for a few reasons ... 1. We don't speak Norwegian so we have no idea what they are signing about. 2. We never have dreams quite this wacky so we have no idea what's going on visually either! ... … Continue Reading ››

INTRODUCING: ArpLine! PLUS “Fold Up Like A Piece Of Paper” mp3 Download!

ArpLine Band Name: ArpLine Genre: Psychadelic Indie-Rock Location: Brooklyn, NY Band Members: Sam Tyndall, Oliver Edsforth, Nate Lithgow, Adam De Rosa, Michael Chap Resnick Fun Fact: According to their Facebook page, ArpLine happen to enjoy the refreshing taste of Sparks malt beverages just like the rest of us did in 2007! Extra Credit: Watch … Continue Reading ››

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