Pickle Day Photo Booth Photos from October 19, 2014

Photo booth powered by NickyDigital.com with art by The LISA project’s Bishop 203!

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The Lower East Side was once covered in picklers postin’ up with barrels and pushcarts full of utilitarian goods and wares. These days, the picklers that once called this neighborhood home have dwindled down to one remaining storefront belonging to The Pickle Guys, located on Essex Street. To pay homage to this rich neighborhood tradition, we’ve decided to bring the pickles back!

Chew on that!

Pickle Day began as a tradition in the Lower East Side in the late 90s. The event was never restricted to picklers that hawked their brine soaked goods exclusively in the LES, and instead opened it up to picklers ’round the world to join their fellow cucumber chemists in this celebration of ‘noshing through neighborhood history.

Today’s Pickle Day incarnation also includes a bevy of local LES food and fashion vendors as well as games, activities, and most importantly: a home pickling contest.

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