DAILY STREAM: Dog Blood, Clockwork Remixes, and Valentino Khan! August 8, 2013 Edition!

Every day we receive a gazillion and one audio tunes and we can’t possibly feature them all … but it wouldn’t be fair to deprive your ears of their magic!

It’s about time we added something to our 2-track repertoire of Dog Blood music. Consisting of Skrillex and Boys Noize, Dog Blood has just leaked their new EP “Middle Finger Pt. 2” in full stream on their Soundcloud. With 2 new tracks, a revamped version of “Middle Finger” and several remixes, the EP is nothing less than utter insanity, and we love it.

We’re clearly big fans of revamped tracks over here at NickyDigital. Check out these 4 unique remixes of Clockwork’sSurge” by Deorro, Charlie Darker, Riggi & Piros and Tony Romera. If this isn’t a solid enough crew for you…we probably can’t be friends anymore.

We’re on a roll with remixes today. In continuation of the trend, Valentino Khan has given us “Cavepaint” and an edited trap version of the track as free gifts for his loving fans (*ahem*). Valentino said he’s taking us “back to the Jurassic era with this tune.” We aren’t too sure what he means by that, but it’s definitely taking us to the dancefloor.

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