DAILY STREAM: Sinkane, DJ Pone, Robbie Rivera and Swindle! June 12, 2013 Edition!

Every day we receive a gazillion and one audio tunes and we can’t possibly feature them all … but it wouldn’t be fair to deprive your ears of their magic!

Sudan-born Ahmed Gallab, aka Sinkane, has just released a deluxe edition of his second album “Mars” via DFA Records. Sinkane has learned his craft from working with a variety of renowned artists, formerly drumming for Caribou and of Montreal. Ira Wolf Tuton of Yeasayer even makes an appearance in this new 23-track release, so expect to be impressed by the plethora of original tracks and remixes.

Yesterday truly was a great day for remixes, because DJ Pone’s (of Birdy Nam Nam) select “Defiant Order” remixes were released in their first volume via OWSLA’s Nest! DJ Pone’s selects include 7 remixes of 7 different songs chosen from the original EP, remixed by the likes of Breakbot, La Femme, and DJ Pone himself.

Although it’s still a “sample-not finished,” we couldn’t wait to share this semi-complete work of “tribal house” from jungle king Robbie Rivera. “Move Your Ass” is about to become a coastal fave – can’t you just hear it being played around bonfires on beaches from California to the Caribbean?

Last but not least, a jazzy 13-track mix by Swindle that we found via our buds at Mixmag. Although he just finished the last leg of his first US tour, we hear Swindle’s been exploring the wide world of Brooklyn with our pals over at Trouble & Bass, and any friend of T&B is a friend of ours! Listen to all the original tracks below, they’re pretty nuts.

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