WATCH: Sísý Ey “Ain’t Got Nobody” Music Video!

28987_355276137912296_1995977117_nIcelandic soulful house darlings Sísý Ey just dropped an official music video for their standout single “Ain’t Got Nobody.”

The group was formed in 2011 by 4 acoustically-driven females and their magic-making DJ/producer Oculus. They blew our socks off at this past year’s Iceland Airwaves and we can’t wait to hang with them again at Sonar in Barcelona in just a few weeks!

The video stars a few superimposed, dapper yet vulnerable men, soulfully lip-syncing over the track. AND Believe me, we’d feel for these men if they weren’t some of the most prominent faces of Iceland’s dance music scene making it hard to believe they ain’t got nobody to call them baby anymore! But we’re also hopeful — there are more fish in the sea, guys!

Check out tunes from the Icelandic producers who star in this video:

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