Whiiite & Schoolboy - Houdini (Original Mix) [Official Music Video]

WATCH: Whiiite & Schoolboy – “Houdini” Music Video Premiere!

Whiiite & Schoolboy drop beats while they remove heartbeats!

In a dark, iniquitous lab filled with sinister instruments all around, the victim lies on an operating table and is injected with an unknown substance. His eyes go white and his heart rate spikes into waveforms. The masked miscreants drop the body on the sands of Los Angeles, and WHIIITE is born.

It’s no coincidence that WHIIITE chose this single as the soundtrack to the account of his transformation; “Houdini” is one of the most powerful singles from the rising producer’s acclaimed debut EP. Aptly titled, “Houdini” is tricky and deceiving – utilizing a classical piano riff to encourage a sense of comfort, but it isn’t long before the smoke and mirrors clear and an unforgiving serving of bass is dealt at 110BPM.

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