Casey Veggies "Sauna" (Prod. Chuck Inglish)

WATCH: Casey Veggies – “Sauna” Music Video

Hope you like your veggies steamed—Casey Veggies that is.

Served up fresh today by Fool’s Gold Records, the video for “Sauna” (produced by Chuck Inglish) is just the thing to get you vibing as you venture out into the windy winter streets of New York. Casey Veggies’ flow is the perfect complement to Inglish’s grooving beat as things begin to heat up.

The cherry on top?  This video features many scantily clad figures working up a steamy sweat.  Although it’s getting hot in there, do we really want them to take off all their clothes?  We’ll let you make the final call on that one.

Get your holiday shopping done early and cop the Fool’s Gold rap compilation when “Loosies” drops on December 18th!

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