Hussle Club 'Children of the Underground'

FREE MP3s: Scion A/V presents Hussle Club – “Children of the Underground”

Hussle Club 'Children of the Underground'If your playlist needs a little padding out, we have you covered with Hussle Club‘s Children of the Underground presented by Scion A/V.

Once a drummer for acts like Santigold, Spank Rock, and Major Lazer, Prince Terrance has branched out on his own to explore his roots and create a sound that, while borrowing dark wave elements, is nothing but fresh.

Hussle Club, the resulting project, is a post-punk paradise in which Terrance is the sole member. In studio, playing all of the instruments himself, Terrance creates a shadowy, atmospheric sound that is reminiscent of bands such as the Cure, yet retains a distinctively modern EDM vibe. Terrance has presented us with a new sound that is dark, unique, and refreshing.

Make sure you grab your free download of Children of the Underground so you can get these tracks in rotation ASAP!


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