RIP Ross Harman of The Gaskets and Ballpoint Pens

Igor of photographs Ross Harman

We first met Ross Harman when our buddy Igor of DrivenByBoredom straight guilt tripped us into coming to check out and photograph the band he was managing at the time. That band was the Gaskets and we were pleasantly surprised with how much we liked their tunes and their energetic live performance.

Unfortunately, the Gaskets broke up shortly after and we didn’t get to see them live again. One half of the duo, Ross Harman, began making music under the moniker of Ballpoint Pens. More unfortunately, Harman passed away earlier this week and leaves behind a body of music that his dear friends have asked us to share with you.

All of the Gaskets music as well as Harman’s two solo albums, Calcutta and Symphonies, are available for free download on the Gaskets Website. We are also offering a stream of his single, “Nine Times Out of Ten” below.

We urge you to download these tunes to keep the memories of Harman alive.

Ballpoint Pens | Nine Times Out of Ten [162 kpbs]
(click to preview or right click & save to download)

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