Trouble Andrew Drops “The Trouble Gang Mix Tape” W/ Diplo, Santigold, Lll Jon, Amanda Blank & MORE!

TROUBLE ANDREW's "THE TROUBLE GANG MIXTAPE" Featuring Diplo, Santigold, Spankrock, Amanda Blank, Lil Jon & Many More

After years of touring, “Trouble” Andrew hath returneth to drop a killer mix tape, The Trouble Gang Mix Tape, with some friends.

Friends you ask? YES, on this mix tape he has collabed with a few fine musical folks … ya know, Lil Jon, Spankrock, Amanda Blank, Santigold, Diplo, John Hill, Stunnaman, Hollywood Holt, Curren$y, Ninjasonik, Jackie Chain and many more!

“Trouble” Andrew on his mix:

I was in the process of recording my new full length Trouble Andrew album ” Dreams of a Troubled Man” and the mixtape came together on the side because so many friends and artists were around hanging out and recording shit through the process that we didn’t even realize I was making a mixtape until we had it finished. It was cool to do a project that didn’t really have to be consistent or have a story except that we all are individuals. That’s why I love mixtapes.

[Stream and/or download the 28 track mix tape after the jump!]

FUN FACT: Most of the mix tape’s contributors are featured on the cover art (seen above) created by Thom Lessner!

Track list:

01. I’M WASTED ft. Spankrock, The Mr Move, Lil Jon (produced by Trouble & The Super)

02. LIL BLACK BOOK ft. Stunnaman (produced by Doc McKinney)

03. RUN HIDE ft. Amanda Blank (produced by Diplo)

04. DISCO DANCERS DEAD ft. O.Children

05. FLY SO HIGH ft. Curren$y, Stunnaman (produced by Circut & Ag)

06. CONDITION (produced by John Hill)

07. DREAM ON ft. Jofo (produced by Jonathan Benedict)

08. NOBODY MOVE ft. Yellowman, Skotch Davis, Telli/Ninjasonik (produced by Yeti Beats)

09. CADILLAC ft. Jofo, Stunnaman (produced by John Hill)

10. PUSH (beat by Timberland)

11. TAKE IT 2 THE TOP (produced by Circut & Ag / Trouble & The Super)

12. FALLIN APART (produced by Olly Burden)

13. REPLACE EM (Produced by Jonathan Benedict / Trouble & The Super)

14. YOUNG BOY Remix ft. GLC (produced by Shitake Monkey)

15. DRINKIN&SMOKIN (produced by Trouble & The Super)

16. TROUBLE "THE FOOL" Karaoke

17. OUT OF BLUNTS ft. Jofo (produced by Jonathan Benedict)

18. I THINK I KNOW YOU (produced by Trouble & The Super)

19. BANG BANG Remix ft. Hollywood Holt, Santigold (produced by Shitake Monkey)

20. TAKE OFF ft Skotch Davis (Wiz Khalifa beat)

21. THE LAST GOODBYE (produced by Trouble & The Super)

22. Bonus: CHA$E MONEY Kid Force Remix

23. Bonus: RUN HIDE Breakups Remix

24. Bonus: FLY SOOO HIGH Remix ft. Hollywood Holt, Jackie Chain, Telli/Ninjasonik (produced by Circut & Ag)

25. Bonus: NO APOLOGIES Remix ft. Lets Go To War (produced by Lets Go To War)

26. Bonus: LAY IT DOWN Remix ft. GLC, Pb&J, Stunnaman (produced by Mick Boogie)

27. Bonus: TAKE IT 2 THE TOP Hathbanger Remix (produced by Hathbanger)

28. Bonus: BALLIN ft. Stunnaman, Jofo (produced by Nic O)

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