Foals – “Miami” Music Video Premiere!

Remember “Miami” by Will Smith? This is not that song.

Foals just came up with this weirdly spectacular video for their surefire hit, “Miami.” And just think about this combination: body builders, transsexuals, homies and Glamourous Monique. Need we say more? I mean, the video is just jam-packed with amazing screen shot potential.

Things you might have missed:
– The video opens to a guy working out to an older Foals song, “Olympic Airways“, from their first album, Antidotes.
– The not-so-subtle references to their new album’s title, Total Life Forever. (Bad ass baseball bat!)
– The guy’s facial expression at 3:47. (Actually, no one could miss that one.)

And you know when the sweat and the sequins are battling for shine time, you have a music video that really screams, “Bienvenidos a Miami!”

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