TIME WARP: Giorgio Moroder – “I Wanna Rock You”

Giorgio Moroder's E=MC² Album Cover

Though you may not have heard of Giorgio Moroder, you have certainly heard his music.

Moroder is the synthesizer king responsible for the soundtracks of Top Gun, Scarface and many more iconic films. He has collaborated with everyone from Debbie Harry to David Bowie.

Some may write his work off as cheesy (remember how you pumped your fist with excitement to The Never Ending Story theme?), but he was always called on for a reason. Giorgio knows how to evoke emotion and set the mood for any situation.

When he released 1979’s E=MC² it seemed like he was out to take the disco world by storm. The album was full of songs that went on to inspire an army of producers, and really set the standard for all dance music being made today.

“I Wanna Rock You” is a perfect example of this. The long intro is an ideal DJ lead-in, and just when the vocals get to be too much he drops them out and it’s right back to the groove.

Giorgio Moroder | E=MC² | I Wanna Rock You
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