STYLE: Avoid Swine Flu with Samira Boon’s “Get Well Soon Masks”

Everyone is obsessing over the ever so mysterious swine flu of doom: from paranoia-ridden away messages and tweets galore to voicemails from mom saying, “honey wash your hands constantly and don’t sit next to the sick guy on the subway!”

So what are we to do?! The answer is here, my friends … Fight that flu with the right spirit and do so in character with Samira Boon‘s Get Well Soon Masks available at the Hara Museum Online Shop.

We suggest you get the pig one because, ya know, it’s real swiney, but stock up on others because you never know when the goat flu is going to erupt! (But really, wash your hands constantly and don’t sit next to that sick guy!)

Oink Oink!

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