STYLE: Japanese Burger Jewelry

What is it with food jewelry these days? I suppose we all have food on the brain? Well this time we’re going to have a burger around our neck.

You heard it right… You won’t find these Japanese burger necklaces on the dollar menu, but they are certainly a good investment… food that will last a lifetime! The cute layers of lettuce, tomato, bun, and burger itself are reminiscent of dollhouse food, and super sweet in general. They stack to form the ideal burger. Are you hungry for one of these?

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5 thoughts on “STYLE: Japanese Burger Jewelry”

  1. OMG, tots must have… My super secret cheeseburger obsession is out!!! Super cute, now who can translate Japanese so I can purchase this??? Bueller? Xo.

  2. I think we all have a little bit of cheeseburger obsession. I LOVE the gold one and will probably have to buy it even if that means I need to learn Japanese.

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