FREE MIXTAPE: Blank Capsule Pre Party Jamz Volume 137

Nowadays, anyone with a Macbook Pro and an overwhelming sense of self-importance is a “DJ”. That’s why disc jockey duo Jokers Of The Scene (comprised of Linus Booth and Chris Macintyre) teamed up with Bryce Kushnier of Vitaminsforyou to make the move from just mixing/producing music to actually making it with the emphasis on the LIVE performance (and melting minds in the process).

As Blank Capsule, the Toronto synth pop trio produces tracks that occupy the lightness of disco dance jams with the intensity and gravitas of industrial house. It’s the perfect soundtrack for when mysterious strangers show up uninvited your party, things run a little too late, and stuff starts getting weird…

Check out the mix Blank Capsule crafted for our Pre Party Jamz series! It’s 1.5 hours of spacey summer tunes to heat up any after-hours rooftop soirée. Stream or download it below!

EXTRA CREDIT: Watch Blank Capsule’s music video for “Compulsion”!


Track List:
Eberhard Schoener – “Why Don’t You Answer”
Silver Apples – “Lovefingers”
Eleven Pond – “Watching Trees”
Prince – “It”
The Cure – “Cold”
DK7 – “Where’s the Fun”
Hell Interface – “The Midas Touch”
The System – “You Are In My System”
John Foxx – “Underpass”
Grauzone – “Eisbär”
Heaven 17 – “Geisha Boys And Temple Girls”
Paul McCartney – “Temporary Secretary”
New Order – “Age Of Consent”
Asylum Party – “Play Alone”
Robert Palmer – “Johnny And Mary”
Joe Crow – “Compulsion”
The Walker Brothers – “Nite Flights”
Thomas Leer – “Private Plane”
Arthur Russell – “You Have Did The Right Thing When You Put That Skylight In”
Nathan Fake – “The Sky Was Pink (Original Live Take)”
Bruce Springsteen – “Dream Baby Dream (Live)”

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